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Getting to know the people that can help you at your GP surgery

Updated: Apr 15

Did you know your GP surgery has a team of people trained to see and treat patients for a variety of conditions?

You don’t always have to see a doctor.

Find out more about the team that makes up your GP surgery and their different job roles below.

Please note that not all local GP surgeries in Reading have all these professionals working in all GP surgeries. Each GP surgery is different and we recommend speaking to your surgery to find out who you can see.

Learn more below and watch the videos of the professionals that can help you here.

Advanced care practitioner:

Care navigator also known as a Receptionist:

Advanced care practioner:

Care coordinator:

Dispensary manager:

General practioner (GP):

Health visitor:

Health and lifestyle practitioner:

Healthcare assistant:

Nurse practitioner:


Practice nurse:

Pharmacy technician:

Physician associate:

Social prescriber:


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